Training / Support

Thus you the acquired software (Mentor WG) as fast as possible and without long training period profitably to begin can, offer we to you a specialized and individually training co-ordinated with your company as project-oriented training locally.

Firm training courses

Bases of the connection diagram production Bases of the formation of a library Bases of the layout production
Connection diagram production (Upgrade) Construction unit production/part DATA cousin Layout production (Upgrade)
SMD seminar HDI seminar


- Advanced Workshop (duration 1 to 3 day)
For this we come to you into the company and inform you on your own jobs. Individual adjustments and mechanisms can play you to the end thus directly locally.

Advanced Workshops serve to help new and/or already trained users of systems and solutions individually. Considering the firm-specific peculiarities on the one hand is at the time of execution questions of application and the system use personality-conditioned by Workshops just as importantly as also an entering with.

The Advanced Workshops has tested tips as a goal, the user in practice and cheats to mediate. Advanced Workshops can be held also for several days. Additionally one day for the individual preparation of the course leader is to be taken into consideration.

User Hotline
A competent and reliable partner to always have, is particularly important for a risers and professionals. Therefore we offer our CAD Hotline to you, with whose assistance fast and competently one helps to you.

Library work

IDS - Ihr kompetenter Partner im Bereich PCB +++ Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter +++ Zertifiziert nach IPC/FED +++ Qualität ist unsere Stärke
ideas layoutet with Mentor Graphics.

Qualify your worker
Here announcing

Plates equips in
SMD and conventionally.

IDS is certified after IPC/FED

Member in the professional association electronics Design e.V.